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I searched my name before on google once...What I thought to be a made up name grew online to a point I started noticing people had it as a irl name? That threw me off for awhile lol....
Then I checked on twitter today for funz, so many tweets with Kinla in it...
I saw a few tweets saying Kini, then someone would reply with Kinla
I did a google translate on Kini...and it says it's Turkish for Dick....eerm..okay...
I type in Kinla for Turkish, it means " kinli to " through google translate
I google Kinli and Urban Dictionary says
.::A scary little thing that follows you around and stares at you while you are trying to eat. She loves things such as popcorn and anything that tastes sweet. She likes to hang out at the park and just be herself. She thinks she's sexy, even if she might not be, and often wears too much makeup. She would be a likeable girl if she didnt always talk bad about you behind your back. ::.
"Hey I saw Kinli staring at me when I went to the cafeteria, she stared through my soul."

-ruffles my hair- what does it all mean!? WHAT AM I!?!?!! ahhh! -jumps out window-

There are also a few baby pictures with babies making the "wtf" face expression when searching Kinla on twitter XD Got to love baby expressions, they are priceless.

If my name actually means something in Turkish I really hope it's nothing bad XD that would really bum me out lol.
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Bobble Bubble by Kinla Nekobase4 by onigiryStuff Pixel BubbleCat by Kinla Phujo Pixel by Kinla

Current Residence: Chicago IL
Youtube: K1nla88 (I dont upload anymore, but I watch youtubers through it haha)
Steam: I don't not have one?
FA(furaffinity): If you cant guess, just ask me.
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Other Account::iconalbinobomb: For traditional and photos
Old Account: :iconkinpics::iconfallendoll::iconrainbowspin:


Working Animal
The "deer" from here…
I was wanting to make up my own animal that would fit in the bub-chi world so I made this sweetie.
They aren't a pet or a mount though, just a animal that helps my bub-chi in return for snacks XD
My bub-chi, Brin (B-rin), calls them Seer.
bub-chi: Winter Activities Prompt
Can see working animal better here:…

My Bub-chi who I'm going to name Brin (B-rin) collecting snow for some experiments.

I'm still working on his refsheet, but wanted to draw for this prompt since I wanted to draw him using a "deer" as a working animal to collect the snow. His mount isn't a adult yet, so I just had him riding his working animal so not to walk in the snow. He's picky when/how he uses his bubble.

But yeah, instead of playing in the snow he wants to see what he can use it for XD

Great Beasts: Benzel
Meh...tried drawing something to get me back in the spirit of drawing after being sick (well...still sick but not dying anymore? lol)
Got a reminder in my notifications that a contest was going on here:…

Which made me go... Oh yeah...I should really draw my character from this group...instead I'm entering the contest XD I'm so backwards.

I ended up drawing Benzel for the contest (cause I love drawing/coloring crystals/gems )
My Entry is the bottom one with his gems on his body being Emerald, but messed around with other colors too
What if he was a mood changer? lol Gem changing color depending on his mood.
I just picture him jabbing his front claws into the ground everywhere he walks because of his original picture.




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one of the requirements was to tag people for the more rare traits to be unlocked for this. You were just one of the people I thought of right away that wouldn't be bothered if I tagged since you also like cute creatures. (last I was going to do is tag random people )
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There, now you got yourself a fancy Llama. Thats life goals, right there
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